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November 15, 2017

Lead Generating Tip #8

Lead Generating Tip #8

Remember to keep your leads warm while they are in your sales funnel. Many companies think that lead generation ends after lead acquisition but it is extremely important to keep nurturing your leads once you have them in your database. This can be done with a simple email drip campaign, newsletters, and even update phone calls to your prospects.

October 31, 2016

Are Successful Cold Calls Still Possible?

Are Successful Cold Calls Still Possible in the Digital Age?

This article from Entrepreneur.com lists 8 things to remember when cold calling.

  1. You need thick skin
  2. Confidence can be a killer
  3. Your script is all wrong
  4. You’re fighting technology
  5. Your objective is lost
  6. Your contacts are confused
  7. The list is wrong
  8. Cold calling can be learned

At LeepLeads we address all of these points. We have well trained and experience callers who have the right level of confidence and ability. We consult with you to obtain the best calling list and script for your campaign.

We make the cold calls so you don’t have to! Simply fill out your contact information here and we will contact you to start your free trial.

October 24, 2016

The Cost of Cold Calling

The Cost of Cold Calling

Ever thought of the cost of each cold call made by your hunter team member?  Here is a breakdown of how much each call may be costing you.
  • Let’s assume you are paying your team member an annual base of $34,000 which works out to be $17 /hr based upon 2000 working hours in a year.
  • Add in the cost of benefits and taxes at 20% so now the total is $20.40 /hr. This does not include the set up and carrying costs (computer, phone, desk area, managing, etc.)
  • If your team member is making an average of 100 calls per day then the cost per call will work out to be $1.63 (20.4 x 8 hrs /100 calls)

Seems a lot and obviously a better ROI is to either decrease the hourly rate or increase the amount of daily calls made with both having a negative impact on the team member.

Another solution is to have your cold calls done by our LeepLeads team.  Give us a try with a 1-Day FREE trial at www.LeepLeads.com/lead-qualifying/ and let us make the cold calls for you.