Frequently Asked Questions

What services does LeepLeads offer?

We offer 3 different services to help grow your company with leads: Fresh Lead Lists, Real Time Leads and Qualified Pay Per Lead.

Are there any long term contracts?

No long term contracts. Simply love us or leave us.

When do I receive my LeepLeads from either service?

You will receive your Fresh Lead and Qualified Pay Per Lead Lists within 24 hours. You will receive Real Time Leads in real time.

What if I don’t have a calling list or script currently?

We will work with you to create a calling script that will lead to the best results for your project. We do not keep a database of leads. All our Leads are Fresh within 24 hours.

When and how do I pay for my LeepLeads?

We will charge your credit card once your project is confirmed.


Who do I contact if I have a question during a project?

You will have a Project Assistant (PA) that you will have direct contact with you to answer any questions that you may have.

How do I know the Leads are Fresh?

We ensure that the information for the Fresh Leads you receive has been extensively verified within the last 24 hours.

Who actually does the calling for our project?

We will have one of our experienced LeepLead calling team members to professionally represent your company to make each B2B call using your developed script.

How soon can LeepLeads start making B2B calls?

As soon as we have your project information, we can start right away.

Do you have any start-up fees?

No. We will work with you to get the necessary information put together to begin your LeepLead Project at no cost to you.


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