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April 5, 2017

Lead Generating Tip #7

Lead Generating Tip #7


Today’s Lead Generating tip is to make sure your current lead generators are leaving detailed and interesting voice messages. While you can script a voice message that would peak the interest of your prospect to give you a call back for further information, most voice messages are for keeping the lead warm until the next call when you are able to speak to them.


Your lead generators are taking the time to make the calls so they should be getting the most out of each one by leaving proper voice messages for all your prospects. The script for a proper voice message is not easy to create but over time with trial and error you will come up with one that will give you a high response rate.


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We are here to help your company grow!
March 29, 2017

Lead Generating Tip #6

Lead Generating Tip #6

This week’s LeepLeads tip is to Promote your Brand.


With each call made for your calling campaign, your team only has a matter of seconds to get and keep the attention of the decision maker on the other end of the phone. These are crucial seconds to let them know the reason for your call and to promote your brand at this time. Not everyone is going to need your products or services but the ones that will want to do business with your company will want to hear more details of what your company can offer them so make sure your calling team has a clear and straight-to-the-point information script regarding your company’s brand and really promotes it well during the call. 


If you would like to see how LeepLeads can really help promote your brand then try us out for a FREE day trial at www.LeepLeads.com.


We are here to help your company grow!
November 13, 2016

This is What You Get When You Team Up With LeepLeads

This is what you get when you team up with LeepLeads

If you are like many other companies that do not enjoy making cold calls in order to generate sales or simply do not have the time, then perhaps you need to team-up with a company that will make the professional, polite and productive cold calls for you.

Here are the Benefits when you team-up with LeepLeads.com for making your cold calls:

  • Unlike drip campaigns using emails (reactive), we get out there and make the
  • human-to- human phone calls (proactive)
  • You get a team caller and a Project Assistant (Manager) both for a low hourly rate
  • Week to week commitment. Either love us or leave us, it is that easy
  • No cold call training, we get right down to business
  • No overhead costs.
  • We can jump on any calling project within minutes
  • No hiring process to find amazing callers. We already have them!

Interested in trying us out? Then simply go to LeepLeads.com/lead-qualifying/ and sign up for a FREE 1-Day Trial. Let us make the cold calls in order to free up more time for you or your sales reps to close more accounts.

November 9, 2016

Leave Cold Calling to the Experts

Leave Cold Calling to the Experts

Honestly, cold calling is hard, it’s painful and if you don’t like it, the person you’re speaking to can tell. But cold calling can be effective when it’s done right. That’s why you should hire experts.

LeepLeads is your best solution for adding qualified prospects to your sales funnel. Get in touch with us today to set up your free trial!


October 31, 2016

Are Successful Cold Calls Still Possible?

Are Successful Cold Calls Still Possible in the Digital Age?

This article from Entrepreneur.com lists 8 things to remember when cold calling.

  1. You need thick skin
  2. Confidence can be a killer
  3. Your script is all wrong
  4. You’re fighting technology
  5. Your objective is lost
  6. Your contacts are confused
  7. The list is wrong
  8. Cold calling can be learned

At LeepLeads we address all of these points. We have well trained and experience callers who have the right level of confidence and ability. We consult with you to obtain the best calling list and script for your campaign.

We make the cold calls so you don’t have to! Simply fill out your contact information here and we will contact you to start your free trial.

October 24, 2016

8 Benefits of Teaming up with LeepLeads

8 Benefits of Teaming Up with LeepLeads

Now is the best time to stay ahead of the competition and start generating hot leads for your sales team. Here are just some of the many benefits of LeepLeads:

FLEXIBILITY…with a simple week-to-week commitment, you can pause and restart your calling campaign at anytime

CUSTOMIZATION…we do the hard work of putting together your calling script specific for your company’s calling project ensuring you receive both interested and hot prospects each day.

ACCOUNTABILITY…your dedicated Project Assistant (PA) is available for you anytime and will oversee your project from start to finish. You PA will deal with any obstacles or challenges we may encounter and will address them in a professional manner.

DAILY REPORTS…at the end of each business day you will receive your detailed call report of the day’s activity outlining hot prospects, call-backs, interested companies and others requesting follow-up calls by your sales team. Uninterested companies will be removed from your list.

Let’s get your custom lead generating project started right away! We will do the cold calling for you with our Lead Qualifying program. We offer a Free day trial of our services!

October 24, 2016

Lead Generating Tips

Lead Generating Tips

Here are some lead generating tips handy for your next calling campaign. Make sure on each project your calling team:

  • Sends the right message on each call
  • Knows your target market
  • Promotes your brand
  • Leaves a detailed voice message for potential prospects
  • Has a well structured system to identify hot prospects and others to put into a drip campaign

Hope these points can help with your in-house calling team. If you currently do not have a team then let us do the cold calling for you with our Lead Qualifying program. We offer a Free day trial of our services!

October 24, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should STOP Making Cold Calls and a Solution

3 Reasons Why You Should STOP Making Cold Calls and a Solution

Here are 3 reasons why most companies should stop making cold calls for their lead generating campaign:

1. 99% of sales reps dislike making them.
2. The high cost involved of having your sales reps make the calls.
3. Time is money so having your sales reps make cold calls is taking them away from what they were hired to do…close more accounts in order to bring in more revenue.

The Solution is to oursource this area of your lead generating process.  Let LeepLeads make the cold calls for you!

We will create a customized calling campaign, make the cold calls to your target market and send you all the qualified and hot prospects, that are truly interested in your business, at the end of each day.

We are here to help your company grow so let us know when you are ready to start a calling campaign for your business.

October 24, 2016

The Cost of Cold Calling

The Cost of Cold Calling

Ever thought of the cost of each cold call made by your hunter team member?  Here is a breakdown of how much each call may be costing you.
  • Let’s assume you are paying your team member an annual base of $34,000 which works out to be $17 /hr based upon 2000 working hours in a year.
  • Add in the cost of benefits and taxes at 20% so now the total is $20.40 /hr. This does not include the set up and carrying costs (computer, phone, desk area, managing, etc.)
  • If your team member is making an average of 100 calls per day then the cost per call will work out to be $1.63 (20.4 x 8 hrs /100 calls)

Seems a lot and obviously a better ROI is to either decrease the hourly rate or increase the amount of daily calls made with both having a negative impact on the team member.

Another solution is to have your cold calls done by our LeepLeads team.  Give us a try with a 1-Day FREE trial at www.LeepLeads.com/lead-qualifying/ and let us make the cold calls for you.